Coastline Catering has been designing and preparing menus for private functions, corporate and golfing events for nearly 10 years. Widely known for supplying and shucking the freshest seasonal oysters, Coastline’s specialty also includes preparing all types of succulent seafood selections and masterfully grilled premium meats and vegetables.

Founded in 1994 by Jamie Gallant, a native of Prince Edward Island, Coastline Catering has relationships with REAL fishermen on both the East and West Coasts. Jamie and his team source the most fresh, seasonal seafood available and have years of experience in serving events of all sizes.

Members of the Coastline Catering Team take pride in their East Coast roots, and have many stories to share. Coastline Catering will bring an authentic, fresh, interactive, and entertaining accent to your party. Master sushi chefs are also available to come on-site for a unique sushi experience for your guests.

Be sure to contact Jamie for a free personal consultation on how to make your next event the most talked about of the year.

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