Jamie Gallant
Seafood Connoisseur, Family Man, Revered Caterer

At the age of 13, Jamie Gallant, our founder and fearless leader, started his first job working on the local wharf in his small town on Prince Edward Island. This is where his passion for seafood and hospitality began. He learned to clean and fillet fish, but it was the connection with the tourists after feeding them that days catch that had the greatest impact.

With his roots firmly planted on the East Coast but the urge to expand his knowledge, Jamie became a successful seafood restaurateur in British Columbia, then setting his sights on a new challenge in Ontario. He founded Coastline Catering – specializing in creating an outstanding food experience. Coastline is known for supplying and shucking the freshest seasonal oysters, serving a large selection of succulent seafood and masterfully grilled fare.

Jamie instils his values of hard work, integrity, and excellence in the Coastline Catering team. He creates a true food experience with outstanding service and exceptional food. Coastline Catering will create an event to remember!


Our roots

“Growing up around the local wharf, my connection with the fisherman and tourists was the beginning of my love of hospitality and seafood catering. My East Coast values are integral to Coastline Catering. It is important that my team values integrity, hard work, and dedication, which we demonstrate in all Coastline events.” – J.G.

Our relationships

“Every month for over 25 years, I speak with my friends and family, like this oyster fisherman, in the seafood business. These relationships help me stay on top of my game and allow me to bring the best product to my customers. All of Coastline’s seafood is fresh and sourced directly from the fisherman, growers, and maritime fish plants.” – J.G.

Our food

“Coastline sources only the best seafood. My extensive knowledge of farming my families’ oyster beds, to my time working with the fisherman on the wharf, has provided me with first-hand knowledge and understanding of seafood and the seafood industry. I will ensure you are served the highest quality seafood available.” – J.G.


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